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Tomica - 1/64 Toyota 86 (White)

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Tomica Diecast Cars

Among Japan's most well-known toys, these die-cast cars have captivated three generations of children. There are currently 140 models in the lineup, which is continually being renewed with the release of a new model on the third Saturday of each month.

Other product lines include Tomica Limited, based on regular Tomica models but with more advanced detailing, and Tecology Tomica, which have lights powered not from batteries but by a miniature electrical generator powered when the vehicle is moved by hand. Children and adults alike enjoy the diverse range of Tomica diecast cars. collectors and car enthusiasts. A look-a-like of these amazing 1:64 scale vehicles for all the kids Big or Little would just like to play with them. The Hot Wheels Car expresses both our heritage and innovation. Collect every model for keeping the assortment on the shelves. Colors may vary. Image shows all for display but each sold separately based on availability.

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